Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some more Giveaways

I thought again I would take a few minutes to enter some more giveaways. Here is what I found this morning. Deadline January 24th January 17th January 20th

I also did a forum site and here is some more people that are having a giveaway. Check them out.

I am off to do some stuff around the house. Have a great day!

See below for a giveaway that I am having. You will get a bag full of goodies from me and some of my Etsy friends. Post in yesterdays comments. Ends 17th, January

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just won a Giveaway!!

So this morning I thought I would take 30 minutes and do some giveaways. I have read about people winning and thought if I don't try I will never win anything

So I entered several the ones below and Vicki's Hers was ending today so I had to act fast.

As I was entering the giveaways I had a convo and guess what I won her giveaway! I am so happy.

I won two beautiful cards that she made. You can see them here

They are so pretty that I don't even want to use them. I may just have to frame them! :)

You should also take a look at her beautiful jewelry that she makes, here is a link to her etsy site.

I want to than Vicki Orion for doing the giveaway. You have made me a happy girl today.

Free Giveaways

So this morning I was entering some giveaway. I thought why not post them here and have the work done for you! So here are some that I saw this morning. I will update and post more through out the day. Keep Checking back. Also comment on this post and win a suprise from me! (see who all sees this giveaway) Deadline January 17th Deadlie January 15th Deadline January 15th Deadline January 15th Deadline January 11th Deadline January 17th Deadline January 11th

Some have multiple ways to enter. I will post more later.

Winner of My Giveaway!

Contratulations to0...... Nyny AKA New York Tran for winning the jewelry set!

Next giveaway is in February.